Do I have to be Catholic to attend a Catholic school in the Diocese of Syracuse?

Our schools are open to students of all faiths. Primarily, our students come from the parishes of our diocese but about 15% of our students are not Catholic. We welcome the opportunity to teach them about the traditions and practices of our faith. All students are required to participate in religion courses but no one is ever graded on their faith. Instead they are graded on their knowledge of this key content area as taught by our highly qualified teachers.

How do I apply to a Catholic school in my area?

With 22 schools in 7 counties across Central New York we have many options for our families. The best way to apply to your local Catholic school is to make direct contact with the principal and set up a tour of the school. At that time you can pick up an application from the school and follow the required steps.

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How much is tuition?

Elementary education tuition in our schools is about $4000 per year (K-6) and secondary education tuition is about $5000 (7-12) depending on the school. The actual cost of educating a child in our diocese is much higher but we are able to keep the cost of tuition lower due to the support of our parishes and our alumni.

Is there a tuition assistance program in the Diocese of Syracuse?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on making tuition assistance available for all those that seek it. In 2011-2012 the diocese alone was able to make grants of almost $800,000 for tuition assistance. In addition, local tuition assistance is granted by individual schools and parishes. In addition, there are multiple opportunities for scholarships and awards from our various schools and community partners.

Do the Catholic schools have early childhood programs for 3 and 4 year olds?

We certainly do. We are proud to serve over 1000 students in these programs across the diocese. Parents of these young children are encouraged to contact their local elementary school to find out more about the three, four and even five year old transitional programs that we have to offer.

Who do I contact for my school records if I am an alumnus of a Catholic school in the Diocese of Syracuse?

The best bet is to contact your school or the parish affiliated with that school directly. If you are unable to do that you may also contact the Catholic School Office at 315-470-1450.

If you need a copy of your Catholic school transcript, please contact the school you attended.  If the school has since closed, please complete the form and return to the Catholic Schools Office as directed on the form: Record Request Form

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