Re-certification Safe Environment Training for Adults


The renewal of Safe Environment credentials every five (5) years is a requirement of the diocesan Child and Youth Protection Policy, which includes a Safe Environment re-certification training session (1.5 hours) and another passed criminal background check.  The re-certification training session maintains a culture of awareness, knowledge, and vigilance for those entrusted in our care. 

Safe Environment credentials are suspended indefinitely for any parish, school, or agency volunteers who do not satisfy the re-certification Safe Environment requirement by the expiration of their last training date. Suspended volunteers are prohibited from volunteering in any diocesan program involving children, young people, or vulnerable adults, until the completion of the re-credentialing process. 


Those required to attend the Safe Environment re-certification training and undergo a criminal background check: 

  • All clergy;
  • All members of religious orders;
  • All parish and diocesan employees, including those who have no contact with children, young people, or vulnerable adults;
  • All adult volunteers whose ministry or role continues to place them in regular contact with children, young people, or vulnerable adults.

***Coaches and substitute teachers are required to complete the re-credentialing process before the assumption of duties.  

To complete the credentialing process, participants must pass another criminal background check.  

For more information regarding re-certification sessions click here.

Contact the Office of Safe Environment for assistance: 315.470.1421 or

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