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Serving as your Bishop, I am in awe of the vibrancy of our parishes throughout our diocese. Although the pandemic continues to challenge us in our faith practices and gathering to celebrate the Eucharist as a community, we are experiencing many silver linings during these difficult times.

I have witnessed a real hunger for the faith, a desire for the sacraments and especially the Holy Eucharist.  At the same time, I have seen how our pastors and other parish ministerial  leaders have stretched themselves to reach out to parishioners in new ways -- live streaming Masses, personal phone calls, catechesis online, pastor chats, bible studies and more.   We may not be able to practice our faith in ways we have grown accustomed but our parishes have found new ways to connect and to nourish the faith.

Let us then not forget to be a people of prayer.  It is a primary way we can support our parishes and fellow parishioners at this time.  It is  my hope as well that if you are able, you will continue to support your parish financially as it seeks to minister to its people.   

We have established the Help Your Parish page of our diocesan website to assist you in continuing your weekly offering to your parish.   Simply select the parish in the listing below and the diocese will forward your dollars to your parish.  We have also provided a category - parish in the greatest need- for those who would like to make a donation to a parish who is in most need of financial support.  Those dollars will be directed to the parishes who are most challenged financially during these times. 

Please know that I continue to pray for our family of faith and have every confidence that God will continue to give us the strength and grace we need to further the work of the Church.  

In the Name of Jesus,
Most Reverend Douglas J. Lucia
Bishop of Syracuse


Reminder: If your local parish has an online giving portal available on their own website, please utilize that as the funds will be accessible to the parish immediately. If you are paying by CREDIT CARD and you would like to make your gift go further, please consider increasing your gift by 3% to cover transaction expenses. Thank you! 

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