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Are you experiencing guilt, sadness, or shame following an abortion experience? For information, please call 855-364-0076 or email  Click here for Common Questions & Answers about Project Rachel.

 The Diocese of Syracuse is proud to offer Project Rachel, a post abortion-healing ministry which recognizes that unresolved issues following abortions are both spiritual and psychological/emotional. To comprehensively and professionally address these needs, Project Rachel provides an integrated approach to healing, involving referrals to priests and licensed mental health professionals. Project Rachel Ministry in the Syracuse Diocese serves Onondaga, Oneida, Oswego, Cortland, Broome and Chenango counties.

Project Rachel is a program that addresses post-abortion stress (PAS). The Catholic Church recognizes that women experience deep unresolved conflicts with abortion. For Catholics, the pain of abortion is intensified by a sense of alienation from both God and Church. The intent of this program is to respond to that estrangement by fostering reconciliation and spiritual healing.

Abortion Call to Prayer

"Today, thanks to Project Rachel, I am a different person.  To experience the power of forgiveness is something that I cannot put into words.  I actually feel lighter. My shoulders are not hanging so low.  The power of forgiveness is life altering.  I will always regret my decision, and I will continue to carry my quiet secret with me. It has become a part of who I am, but it no longer defines who I am."

The majority of women obtaining abortions are generally young – under age 25. In upstate NY the average woman seeking an abortion is white, between the ages of 20-24 with 12+ years of education. 93% of all abortions are because of social or “birth control” reasons. The other 7% are because of rape, incest, health of the baby, or health of the mother. NYS DOH statistics reveal that over half the women who have an abortion will have another. While this summary is the typical profile of the majority of women getting abortions, please know that women of any age can experience PAS. Fathers, grandparents, and medical personnel can also experience guilt and grief because of their involvement in an abortion.

For more information, call Project Rachel at (315) 424-3737. The phone is answered during regular business hours. Upon request, calls will be received outside of regular business hours. Collect calls will also be received.

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