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We are a community of people - Deaf, hard of hearing and hearing- who welcome and encourage each other to grow in faith and experience love. With this faith and love, we bring Jesus' Good News to the Church and the world using our wonderful gifts.

The goal of the Deaf Ministry is to break down the communication barriers between Deaf and hearing individuals. We want Deaf individual’s full inclusion in the Catholic community. To reach this goal an interpreter needs to be accessible to Deaf individuals for:  


Mass & Religious Education Sacraments
Parish Functions Catholic Conferences

If you are Deaf, hearing with family or friends that are Deaf, a Catholic Church or a Catholic Retreat Center and you need help with getting an interpreter for any of the above services, please contact us.

Regular Sunday Mass Schedule:

St. Lucy Church
432 Gifford St., Syracuse, NY, 10am 

St. James Church
147 Main St., Johnson City, NY, 9:15 am

St. Malachy's Church
31 E. State Street, Sherburne NY 13460, 9:00 am

St. Paul's Church
16 Park Ave, Whitesboro, NY 13492, 10:30 am

St.  Mary-St. Peter Church
105 E. Liberty St, Rome, NY, 10:00 am 

St. Mary of the Assumption
47 Syracuse St, Baldwinsville, NY, 9am

St Mary's Church - Hamilton
16 Wylie St. Hamilton, NY, 11:00am


Michele Murphy
(315) 766-6514 - Texting Available 
240 E Onondaga St
Syracuse, NY 13202

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