Parish Prepares for Refugee Family of Eight to Arrive from the Congo

Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - Manlius

Syracuse, New York – It all began with a phone call. St. Ann’s Parish in Manlius was contacted by Catholic Charities’ Refugee Resettlement Program and asked if they would once again sponsor a refugee family as they had done ten years ago. The answer was a resounding yes.


Sponsorship of a refugee family requires that the immediate needs of the family ie. housing, furniture, food and other basic needs are provided by the sponsor. St. Ann’s Christian Service Committee quickly went to work to organize collection of furniture, food, gift cards, clothing and more. The response from the parish was overwhelming. Not one but two POD storage units were donated to the parish in order to store all of the collected items from parishioners. This past weekend was the last weekend for collections and an apartment was secured Saturday on the Northside of Syracuse. A group of volunteers immediately went to work spending hours cleaning, moving furniture, setting up the kitchen and adding special touches for their new home.


St. Ann’s Parish expects to welcome their new family as they arrive tomorrow, April 17th at Hancock Airport. (Time to be confirmed) The family of eight is native to the Congo DRC but is traveling from a refugee camp in Malawi.

St. Ann’s Christian Service Committee members along with staff from the Refugee Resettlement Program will escort the family to their new home and spend some time helping them assimilate to their new surroundings. The parish and Refugee Resettlement will then continue to guide the family through this transition over the course of months. For more information, contact Danielle Cummings, Assistant Chancellor/Director of Communications at 315.470.1476.



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