“As Christian stewards, we receive God’s gifts gratefully, cultivate them responsibly,share them lovingly in justice with others and return them with increase to the Lord.”

~ from Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response, U.S. Catholic Bishops

Each generation of Catholics is given an important mission--to help pass on our faith to the next generation. Knowing our faith well and sharing it with others is one way to advance this mission. As important, is the careful and prayerful sharing of our God-given resources. Our time and our experience are two resources; assets that we have accumulated over our lifetime are another. After all, as Catholics we believe that our assets and our ability to acquire them are gifts from a loving, generous God. We have a responsibility to use these gifts wisely and prudently, as well as to share them with others--our family, certainly, but also with our church.

Gifts through wills, charitable gift annuities, trusts, insurance and appreciated stock are all important gifts will ensure that our lives will touch the lives that come after us and help provide a strong foundation of faith for future generations.

Charitable Gift Annuities: involves a contract between a donor and a charity, whereby the donor transfers cash or property to the charity in exchange for a partial tax deduction and lifetime stream of income from the charity. When the donor passes, the charity retains the gift. For more information on charitable gift annuities, please contact 315-472-0203.



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