McDevitt Grant Applications

In December of 2010, Bishop Cunningham approved  use of these funds in support of Evangelization and Food Bank programs in parishes:

McDevitt Grant Applications 

For Consideration

  • Applications will be available February 14, 2017 and will be provided to all parishes.
  • Completed application and attachments must be emailed or received by the deadline date of Friday March 24, 2017.
  • The Pastors’ Advisory Committee will act upon the recommendations of the Grant Reviewer Committees which will meet in May.
  • Parishes will be notified of their decisions the week of June 12, 2017.
  • More information for the 2017-2018 Grants will be found on our website, starting February 14, 2017 or by calling the Stewardship & Development Office at 315-472-0203.


  • Any parish that met or exceeded their 2016 HOPE Appeal goal as recorded in the final HOPE Appeal report is eligible to apply for a McDevitt Evangelization Grant.
  • Any parish owned and operated food pantry is eligible to apply for a McDevitt Food Pantry Grant.
  • Parishes must have completed any prior year McDevitt Grant mid-year and final reports.


  • Evangelization Grants are to support creative and innovative approaches to the continuing evangelization of youth and family life.
  • Food Pantry Grants are to support the purchase of food.


  • Priority will be given to programs that can be replicated by other parishes.
  • Priority will be given to requests from PCAs or groups of neighboring parishes working together.
  • Requests for programs that parishes will be able to financially sustain in future years will receive priority.
  • Requests for furniture, construction, remodeling or salaries/benefits will be given a lower ranking by the review committee.
  • The review committee reserves the right, if feasible, to recommend decreasing the amount requested for particular grants.

Grant Range 

  • The maximum amount awarded for an Evangelization grant request is anticipated to be $10,000.
  • The maximum amount awarded for a Food Pantry grant request is anticipated be $5,000.
  • Parishes wishing to request funding for more than one program need to submit a separate application form for each activity.  The total of multiple requests cannot exceed the maximum amount. 

Parishes working together or PCAs can submit applications, but the maximum grant amount per parish still applies.

2017 McDevitt Grant Guidelines

Evangelization:  Evangelization Grant Application
                                   Evangelization Grant Budget

Food Pantry:  Food Pantry Grant Application
Food Pantry Grant Budget

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is eligible?
Only parishes of the Diocese of Syracuse are eligible to apply. There are no preconditions for the Food Pantry grants. A parish must have met its most recent HOPE Appeal goal to be eligible to apply for an Evangelization grant.

Can we submit more than one grant request? 
Yes, parishes may submit a grant request for one or both program areas as long as preconditions have been met and request does not exceed funding maximum ($10,000 evangelization, $5,000 Food Pantry). All grant requests must be approved by the pastor before submission.

If we receive a grant, when will funds be sent out? 
Grant notifications will be sent by the week of May 25th. Grant funds will be distributed on or around July 1st. A single check in the amount approved will be provided. Funds may only be used for the approved grants.

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