Take Action

  • Eat dinner together as a family.  Studies show it’s one of the most important activities a family can do together.  

  • Invite others to share a meal in your home.  House isn’t perfectly clean or decorated?  Consider “scruffy hospitality.”  Your guests will probably not notice the imperfections, or if they do, they’ll appreciate the honesty.  Don’t wait for perfect to start building community.

  • Pray together as a family before meals.  Here are 7 ideas for mealtime prayer and conversation starters.  And of course, no cell phones allowed at the dinner table!

  • Reach out in love to others in need.  Let them know the reason for your hope.  Is someone in your life suffering?  Let them know you are praying for them (and then go pray for them!).  Need help caring for someone in need? Here are resources for caregivers.  

  • Celebrate baptismal anniversaries, especially with children.  Here’s how one family celebrates their child’s baptismal anniversary.  

  • Offer to drive an elderly parishioner to Church on Sundays.  For seniors who want to attend Sunday Mass but can no longer drive themselves, getting to church can be difficult. Check with your parish to see if such a ministry exists.  If not, consider starting one.

Further Reading

  • Call to Family Community and Participation (USCCB) [Read Online]

  • The Catholic Home: Celebrations and Traditions for Holidays, Feast Days, and Every Day by Meredith Gould [Store Link]

  • CCC 2207-2208 (“The Family and Society”) [Read Online]

  • CCC 1878-1880 (“The Communal Character of the Human Vocation”) [Read Online]

  • Good Parents, Tough Times: How Your Catholic Faith Provides Hope and Guidance in Times of Crisis by Margaret Sagarese and Charlene C. Giannetti [Store Link]

  • Radical Love (resources from the Office of Family/Respect Life)

  • Blessings of Age: Pastoral Message on Growing Older Within the Faith Community (USCCB) [Read Online]

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