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Catholic Schools Week - January 25-31 2015

Join us as we celebrate Catholic schools! Schools throughout the Diocese of Syracuse will be observing Catholic Schools Week along with Catholic schools across the country, and we'll be sharing highlights from their celebrations on the Catholic School Office - Diocese of Syracuse Facebook page! We invite you to join in the fun with us and use #CSW15 when posting pictures of your celebrations on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! 

We will be kicking off Catholic Schools Week with the 9th Annual Light the Way Dinner on Friday, January 23. 

Catholic Schools Work!

The Catholic School Office is proud of the work of its 22 diocesan and parish schools. The office serves as an administrative and educational resource for all of our schools. All policies are developed within the confines of the mission of the Diocesan School Office, which establishes the parameters, policies and regulations that govern the entire school system in conjunction with authority of the lay boards.

The Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Syracuse carry out the mission of Jesus Christ, bearing witness while proclaiming the Gospel message.  Together with families and parishes, our schools provide an education rooted in the Gospel that is “living, conscious, and active” including values and ideals that are in accordance with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.  We empower our students to live their faith with compassion, integrity and respect for all life and the diversity of our world.

Our schools are faith-centered communities focused on promoting academic excellence while developing a strong moral conscience and embracing Catholic principles to enable students to meet lifelong challenges and demands in our rapidly changing world.

Approved, August 21, 2013
Most Rev. Robert J. Cunningham

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