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The Diocese of Syracuse is committed to the protection of all children and young people. If an individual believes he/she may have been harmed by a member of the clergy or other diocesan personnel, please immediately contact the civil authorities.  For diocesan reporting purposes, please contact Victim Assistance Coordinator, Jacqueline Bressette.

How to Report Sexual Abuse

 Victims of Sexual Abuse

The Diocese of Syracuse urges all victims to report any instance of sexual abuse against a minor by a member of the clergy, its employees or volunteers, to the local police or to the office of the appropriate District Attorney.  Click here to view contact information for the District Attorney in each of the seven counties of the diocese.

Adults Reporting Past Abuse

Adults who wish to report allegations of childhood abuse to the diocese should contact the diocesan Victim Assistance Coordinator Jacqueline Bressette at 315-470-1465 or via e-mail: at   All allegations of abuse of minors received by the Assistance Coordinator will be reported to the office of the appropriate District Attorney as stipulated in the Memorandum of Understanding

The Diocese of Syracuse is committed to full cooperation with the civil authorities in the reporting and investigation of such allegations. If the diocese receives notification from the DA’s office that it will not investigate an allegation of sexual abuse that was submitted, or that it is unable  to take any action, the diocese will then follow its own protocol for processing an allegation of sexual abuse.

What specific information should be reported?

The Victim Assistance Coordinator will conduct an appropriate inquiry after receiving the information that is readily available.

The following information should be reported to the extent it is known by the reporter:

  • name, address, age and current whereabouts of the alleged victim.
  • name and address of parent, guardian or caretaker, in cases involving a minor.
  • name, address and whereabouts of the person or persons suspected I of the abuse, if known.
  • nature, extent and date of the alleged maltreatment and any history of injury possibly occurring.
  • who else has knowledge of the allegation and whether it has been reported to any third party, including civil authorities. 


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