Our Commitment to Child & Youth Protection

The Victim Assistance Office has an abiding concern for the healing and reconciliation of those who have been sexually assaulted, harassed or exploited as a minor by any priest, deacon, member of a religious community, diocesan lay employee, or volunteer, whether the abuse was recent or occurred many years in the past.  The Diocesan Assistance Coordinator provides pastoral care, support and resources to our victims/survivors to promote their psychological, emotional and spiritual healing.

The Safe Environment Office is responsible for implementation of the screening, training, and protocols/codes of conduct mandated by the Charter.  Compliance scope includes all clergy, all religious, all employees and any volunteer whose work brings them into contact with those under the age of 18.

The Diocese of Syracuse embraces this right to safety and is dedicated to promoting the protection of children and young people.  The program continues to strengthen due to our passion for the safety of our children, a passion and commitment shared by you, me, our bishop, our clergy and diocesan leadership, our employees, our volunteers.  We must recognize this responsibility to our children, accept it, embrace it. 

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From the Vatican: "Abuse of Minors: The Church's Response" 

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Multi-faith Prayer Service

Our Commitment to Child & Youth Protection

SWIMMING is a fun way to have some fun and beat the heat during the summer. Besides keeping our children and youth safe in the water, parents should discuss with their children how to identify and handle uncomfortable situations. Although you may be watching closely to make sure your kids are safe in the water, don’t forget about when they’re walking around, sitting out by the pool, using the restrooms or out of sight. Teach your children what to do when they feel uncomfortable at the pool, and let them know it is okay to walk away and find a parent or trusted adult at any time. For more information and a copy of the article called “Know the Rules…Summer Safety Tips to Teach Children”, call the Office of Safe Environment at 315.470.1421 or follow @SyrDiocese on Twitter.

The Diocese of Syracuse unconditionally believes in the dignity of all people and places a special emphasis on the safety of children and young people. All of our youth have the right to be safe and protected from harm in all environments – home, school, religious institutions, neighborhoods, and communities. Each of us, as part of the Syracuse Diocese, is entrusted to protect child and young people and dedicated to restore by bringing the healing ministry of the diocese to bear wherever possible.

In keeping with our commitment the diocesan Child & Youth Protection Office is comprised of two distinct but closely related offices: Office of Victim Assistance and the Safe Environment Office . These offices are accountable for integrating the approved standards of the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People (USCCB 2002) with our Catholic values and teachings, canon laws, and policies.

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