Circles of Care

Circles of Care is an educational program tailored to our parish catechetical programs.  This curriculum originally developed by the Diocese of Manchester has been adapted by the Diocese of Syracuse to address age appopriate personal safety issues for children and youth in the contect of Catholic moral teaching.  The training replaces the awareness training that the diocese had been using since 2004.

You are welcome to review and download the curriculum by section.  Each section is a link.

Letter from Bishop Cunningham

Template Letter to Parents

Program Overview

Training Tally Sheet

Attendance Sheet


Scope and Sequence

Pre K – K

Grade 1 Lesson

COC – Grade One

COC – Grade 2

COC – Grade 3

COC – Grade 4

COC – Grade 5

Grade 5 Lesson

Grade 5 Parent Resources

COC – Grade 6

Grade 7 Lesson

Grade 7 Internet Resources

COC – Grades 7 and 8

COC – Grade 9

Grade 10 Lesson

COC – Bullying – High School

COC – Hazing – High School

COC – Relationships – High School

COC – Relationships – Handouts

Resource List

COC – Parent Resources

COC – Author Credits

Parental Opt-Out Form