Persons with Disabilities

Objective: To spread the Gospel in concert with the mission of the Diocese of Syracuse by working with parishes and all agencies and offices of The Catholic Church. To support efforts, and when appropriate, to initiate efforts to fully include persons with disabilities in all aspects of The Life of the Church. To provide services and when possible resources to persons with disabilities, their families, friends, and advocates to enhance their lives and the life of the entire community.


  • Education, workshops and training to members of the church, her offices, and agencies throughout the Diocese
  • Pastoral counseling (referral)
  • Liturgical celebrations, days of reflection, prayer and renewal
  • Biblically based reflections which speak of the gifts and needs of us all
  • Church related on-site accessibility visits/studies
  • Opportunities to meet with Catholic Advocates - an organization of persons concerned about fully utilizing the gifts and meeting the needs of people
  • Assist in the delivery of Religious
  • Education to all children/persons of the Diocese.

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Persons with Disabilities

Directs the diocesan efforts for education, pastoral care and advocacy including legislative, to facilitate full participation of all persons in the life of the Church.

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